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#Bridport Together

Published on December 26, 2017 by Heather

There is an Alternative to

The dominance of Online Travel Agents (OTAs) has seen the accommodation market shift in recent years. On the surface, this looks to be good for the consumer (a potential guest) but unfortunately, the smaller owner-managed cottages are being hit with inflated commission charges, a limited method of communication with their potential guest and to top it all the consumers themselves are landed with a hefty booking fee too!

Bridport Cottages aim is to get local cottage owners to ‘stick together’ and very much supports the philosophy of ‘book directly with the cottage owner’. Together, as a group, we can offer the same website experience as the OTA’s … but better! Our mission is to “help small, local businesses grow and compete with the big guys!”

Bridport Cottages is a locally developed and run website that has been up and running for 12 months. We’ve been quietly getting things ready in the background and have taken valuable advice from existing cottage owners who have already listed their properties. We now want to invite all cottage owners in the area to be included.

We can offer you, the cottage owner:

• Direct referrals to your website
• Direct referrals to your booking system (if you have one)
• Direct contact with interested visitors
• No commission charges

We offer our website visitors (consumers):

• No booking fees
• Choice of good quality, local accommodation
Date-driven searches (this is KEY)
• Variety of property type/feature searches
• Book Now direct links

What’s the catch? There is no catch ….

To list your property, it is just one, low cost annual listing fee. That’s it.

Until 31st January only, are offering a discounted listing rate of: £99 per property per annum (usual charge is £150)

discounts apply to owners with multiple properties

What makes Bridport Cottages different from any other ‘listing’ website?

  • We list only LOCAL properties – within 20 mile radius of Bridport only
  • We only list properties with real time availability (you don’t have this? Get in touch today – We can help)

What makes Bridport Cottages different from any other OTA website?

Nothing!! We provide the same tools and website experience as the OTAs but we are LOCAL and don’t charge commission to property owners or booking fees to visitors … and we don’t make it difficult to communicate either! The more properties we get listed then the more we can advertise to get consumers using our website.

What do you need in place in order to get included in Bridport Cottages?

As a cottage owner you will need either:

A Real-time Online Calendar

As you cross out any bookings on your own calendar, this will ‘sync’ with our calendar and hence we will always show up to date availability (real-time) for your property.
Don’t have one? We can provide you with one for a one-off cost of £49. You’ll need your own website (if you don’t have one or are looking to change then we can also help with that too). Just get in touch.


An Online Booking System

As you book dates on your online booking system, this will ‘sync’ with our calendar and hence we will always show up to date availability (real-time) for your property.

Do something today about an alternative to the OTA’s. Together we can do something about it #BridportTogether.

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